The belle of the ball at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was Palm’s Pre, a new smartphone with a new oeprating system, made for rapid development, easy search, and in general a web-connected smartphone experience. All well and good, and I love Palm products, but a few omissions and worries:

  1. What’s the price? If it’s too much, nobody buys and Palm dies. On the other hand, there’s no such thing as too low. Hopefully Palm will price their product at $199, the same as the 8GB iPhone (the Pre has 8GB of internal memory as well). The problem is that the Pre isn’t an iPhone, and yetPalm may think their product superior enough to price it as high as $399 rumoor has it. $299 might work, $249 maywell be a good price, $199 is great…but $399? Not to Palm: you may be convinced of your product’s superiority…but you’re not Apple. Customers are the ones who need convincing, and subsidizing your phone heavily is one way to do that.
  2. Where’s the memory card slot? That’s right, looks like the Pre doesn’t hae one. Granted, neither does the iPhone, and the Pre has a wwhopping 8 GB of internal storage, but still, when all other Palm products have SD or MicroSD cards, why not the Pre?
  3. Is the keyboard decent? No, I’m not talking about a comparison with the iPhone’s touch screen. More along the lines of the Blackberry or some of HTC’s mobiles, like my own HTC Mogul. Hopefully Palm made the keyboard better than that of the Centro; the little chiclets on that phone’s face are just plain hard to type on.
That’s it, three beefs. Otherwise, my nitpicks are either small or nonexistent. Viva la Palm! In English, I want a Pre, stat! In case you’re wondering, I’ll review the device as soon as I can; this just might be bigger than the iPhone.
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