So I have this friend, Jeff Neet, who is a fellow CompSci major here at Mines. He has been passing various tips to me on how to better use Windows, and what better than to pass these tips on here?

  1. Want to quickly access a program that’s in your quick launch bar? Just hit Windows + <position in quick launch bar>, using numbers 1 through 0 (10) for the app in question’s position. So for example I have Windows Explorer as my leftmost Quick Launch app (Windows+1) and Google Chrome right next to it (Windows+2). If you have more than ten quick launch apps, you’re outta lck on eleven and beyond, but this is great for a quick keyboard shortcut to launch your favorite programs.
  2. Want to place some but not all, of your windows side by side, pushing the rest to the background? Select the windows you want, then execute your favorite window arrangement command. How to select? Just Ctrl-click them in the taskbar, just like with files in Explorer.

Got your own quick tips? Post them in the comments, and you’ll receive the thanks of all our loyal readers.

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