So lately SkyBeam has bought out most of the wireless internet providers in the area (WisperTel and Mesa Networks, to name a few). This is important because SkyBeam now serves the Golden area. So if you’re willing to pay the $100 setup fee, you may have an alternative to Comcast if you want relatively high speed uploads and an alternative to Qwest if you want service a bit cheaper. The speeds and prices are also a bit better than Comcast’s Economy tier…

$34.95 – 1.5 Mbps downloads, 512 kbps uploads
$44.95 – 5 Mbps downloads, 2 Mbps uploads

The above prices include $5 for equipment rental.

One caveat: the service may or may not be good. Reviews have been mixed. Additionally, speeds aren’t quite guaranteed. When I asked about service, I was quoted 3-5 Mbps for downloads, 1.5-2 Mbps for uploads. Then again, the system may work well enough. At least there’s another option, rpovided you have line of sight to a WisperTel…uh…SkyBeam tower.

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  1. The service is very good. The only problem is that it depends on your line of sight to their transmitters. In some areas, interference can cause problems with your connection. We have been using them for several years and the connection is usually very solid and fast.

  2. Lately I’ve been having problems with their outbound routing going down during prime usage times, and this causes many problems with the work I do. I feel that service quality has gone down significantly since my service transfered from Mesa Networks to Skybeam through the merger.

  3. I pay for 5megs down and 3 up and I have only been with them 3 days and I am already having issues I dont recomend a business to use this service I have been on hold for tech support to ans for over 30 mins

  4. I have had Sky beam since they bought Mesa networks. The service is very slow and they always have an excuse. My advice, FIND AN ALTERNATIVE TO SKYBEAM. I am switching service tomorrow to another provider that actually delivers the service that they advertise. Good bye Sky Beam!!!!

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