Last week I called in to CNet’s “The Real Deal” show. They had a guest in the studio whose job is, in effect, milking every last bit out of DSL so telephone companies can hold off on expensive fiber upgrades. One important thing to note is that the main deployment costs of fiber is the digging, stringing, etc. required to run any sort of wireline infrastructure. The fiber itself, and the electronics on the ends, are relatively cheap compared with, for example, coaxial hardline cable (the low-loss cabling that serves Comcast’s and other providers’ cable internet to your home).

If you want to hear my call, it’s at about 16:07 (minutes:seconds) into the video, a bit earlier in the audio. My question was simply whether Qwest, with their new VDSL2 technology, was able to reach as far as the last-generation (ADSL2+) technology. Or, put another way, would this next-gen technology mean that less people would get internet above 7 Mbps than if Qwest had just stuck with ADSL2+. The answer: VDSL2, on newer equipment, will fall back to ADSL2+ on longer loop (wire) lengths. Fun stuff.

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  1. This is if you are lucky enough to get it or have to stay with ADSL Vanilla. I was told point blank that this product will not be in wide availability. I am East of Downtown Littleton where there are Arap County, County Courts, Distric 6 School Admin right across the street from the CO and there is only ADSL (not 2, 2+) and will not be getting anything “upscale” for a long time, if ever. Currently I can not get a solid 7Mbps at 3318 feet from the CO so it’s obvious that VDSL is necessary in this area. But won’t be coming. So all this 2+ and VDSL talk is making me very upset. Think I’ll look at cable which is looking very nice these days on many levels. Oh well . . . so much for Qworst.

  2. The situation appears to be similar in GOlden. Not that it means anything, but the Qwest building here is mere blocks away and I can only get 5 Mbps ADSL service. Needless to say, since I’m a power user, I’m on Comcast.

  3. Since I have found many postings by those in Qworst territories that are also being left out in the cold. And they are not given any explanations as to why. So it sounds like this is more of a PR roll out, to raise stock profits, than an actual service roll out.

    How are you liking Comcast? My brother, the VP of IT for a very large International company, has Comcast at home and when I asked him the other day how he liked it, I thought he was going to bite my head off. He started talking so fast and one negative curse laden example after another. The one I do remember and have heard about is their “throttling”. I spoke with a Business Sales Rep and it was the quickest, most concise, informative call of its kind I have ever had. And he eMailed me his personal contact info while we were on the phone if I wanted to continue and that he would be one only contact. To say the least I was shocked. The price is good. No added nor installation fees. Almost sounds too good to be true. I’m just trying to get a good solid, with a touch of speed, connection that I can get good VoIP through and be the provincial power user that I should be. My current connection has been my excuse to be a “normal” person.

    Any assistance and information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you . . .
    . . . fb

  4. My experience with Comcast has been positive, though customer service on residential internet leaves something to be desired. Service quality on the other hand is excellent; no outages, advertised speeds all day, decent latency (especially compared with Qwest DSL).

    Several months ago I wouldve said Comcast was throttling me down. Actually I was just maxing out the upload for my package and possibly the whole cable node, and due to the way TCP (the main internet protocol) works, things slow way down when that happens. On the new DOCSIS 3 infrastructure I haven’t had these issues.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Comcast is looking very good at the moment. And since I have made it apparent that I am interested in move to Comcast, Qwest has been hounding me, but can’t/isn’t offering me anything including fixing my lines to stay. I had to tell them to quit calling unless they had good news on my lines or was comping my service. That got a chuckle.

  6. Какая наглость!…

    * менее Last week I called in to CNet’s “The Real Deal” show…..

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