Engadget got a passel of pictures of upcoming Dell phones that will be hitting AT&T (and probably some store shelves in an unlocked GSM variety) sometime between later this year and sometime next year, depending on the model. If Dell’s renders of these phones are borne out in real life then we’ve got some real winners on our hands…even Windows Mob…er…Phone 7 users get something cool.

Scratch that…WinPhone users get the coolest device of them all…Google’s Android OS makes a good showing though…

Flash (superthin Android bar phone, 3.5″ screen)
Smoke (Pixi-like Android bar phone, 2.8″ screen)
Thunder (Android bar phone, 4.1″ screen)
Lightning (Windows Phone 7 vertical slider, 4.1″ screen)

The Lightning and Smoke are unique form-factor-wise for phones of their caliber…definitely not enough to get me to change carriers from my beloved Sprint but if the Lightning showed up with WiMAX and Android it would be a very serious contender to the HTC Evo 4G, set to launch this summer.


Sorry for the lack of posts in recent history. Busy and stuff.

However the silence must be broken to note a rather rocking web application: Schedule Miner.

Made by one of Mines’s own, a freshman-plus-a-ridiculous-amount-of-transfer-credit in the Computer Science program, the web app takes the Boring, rather difficult to use Trailhead course scheduling system and condenses its information into a clean, fast, easy-to-use course discovery and selection engine.