Sorry for the lack of posts in recent history. Busy and stuff.

However the silence must be broken to note a rather rocking web application: Schedule Miner.

Made by one of Mines’s own, a freshman-plus-a-ridiculous-amount-of-transfer-credit in the Computer Science program, the web app takes the Boring, rather difficult to use Trailhead course scheduling system and condenses its information into a clean, fast, easy-to-use course discovery and selection engine.

For example here’s part of my schedule for next semester, though it doesn’t include the online-only Web Programming course that brings my credit hour load to a whopping 15 (gotta love graduation semester).

On addition to creating good-looking schedules, the site allows drilling down by department, instructor and even classroom building, if you want to pick an NHV seminar section close to the (more difficult) class you have afterward. The professor page even shows the prof’s weekly teaching schedule; apparently Roman Tankelevich teaches two back-to-back morning classes (mine being one of them), then takes an hour break, then teaches one more, on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

The tool doesn’t integrate with Banner/Trailhead, so you can’t register for your courses directly. However it does spit out CRN numbers, which are the next best thing; input the numbers into the registration screen and you’re now in those classes, provided they’re not full or otherwise closed.

Only time will tell whether the upcoming Trailhead refresh and Banner upgrade will render Schedule Miner useless when next semester rolls around. However it’s a great resource for anyone making last-minute schedules before registering this semester…and that’s always a good thing.

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